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  • No Flat Fee
  • Hidden Charges
  • Wire Charges
  • Document Preparation Charges

Important Timeline

Step 1

Select a Trusted Qualified Intermediary

To qualify for a 1031 exchange, the funds must be held by a qualified intermediary, such as e1031xchange, and an exchange agreement must be signed.

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Step 2

Sell Existing Property

The property sold is the “relinquished property.” All deadlines below start from the closing date of the relinquished property (the contract date does not matter).

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Step 3

Identify Replacement Property

This is important. There are 3 options to identify potential properties to buy (the “replacement” properties), but this must be done within 45 days and in writing to e1031xchange.

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Step 4

Complete Purchase of New Property

Finally, the closing of the replacement property must happen within 180 days of the closing of the relinquished property, and it must be one of the properties on the list given to e1031xchange at step 3.

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Why Use Us

Why Use Us

We discount price not service. You can pay more, but you won’t find an exchange facilitator with more knowledge and overall real estate experience than us, and no one provides our level of superior service.

About Us

About Us

We are an attorney owned and operated exchange facilitator dedicated to providing our clients with superior service at the lowest advertised exchange fees in the United States.

How It Works

How It Works

The IRS regulations are strict, so your choice of an exchange facilitator matters. Let us explain the nine steps of how to implement a 1031 Exchange.